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Arguably the most valuable item in your marketing toolkit, printed business cards are with you from the first hello to the final handshake. Make a great first impression with high quality, affordable, standard business cards that are printed and delivered within the UK. From classic and folded to rounded corners and square business cards, all you need to do is pick the size, paper stock and finish that suits your brand, and we’ll take care of the rest. Representing your business is a continual part of building a brand, so make sure these handy wallet-sized cards are a staple feature in your print order. 

Whilst these classic little business cards make a great means of introduction, we also see them printed for other uses. Used as jewellery backing cards, thank-you notes and as save-the-date cards.  The restriction on their limitations is simply how creative you want to get with them. They can make fantastic loyalty cards, but you'll need to consider the paper type as they might need to be written on or stamped, and if so, choose either our 350gsm recycled or uncoated for a rustic feel.

We offer affordable business cards in a standard size of 85mm x 55mm in quantities from 50 – 50,000

Classic Business Card : 85mm x 55mm
Single or Double Sided Printing


Available Paper Stock :

  • 300gsm Coated

  • 350gsm Recycled Uncoated

  • 350gsm Silk

  • 450gsm Silk


Laminate Options :

  • Gloss - protect your cards while adding vibrancy to your colours 

  • Matt - protect your cards and add depth to your design

  • Soft Touch - adds sophistication and luxury


Lamination prevents solid blocks of ink from cracking, as well as providing added protection against everyday wear and tear, and spills.

Option of Rounded Corners with 6mm radius
Spot UV Upgrade Option Available (see below)

Folded Business Card
A folded business card naturally offers more space for information.
Single or Double Sided Printing


Available Paper Stock :
300gsm Brown Kraft - Rustic and writeable
350gsm Art Board Silk Finish - available un-laminated or with Matt or Gloss lamination
Size Options:
170mm x 55mm 
85mm x 110mm 

Square Business Card : 55mm x 55mm
These square business cards are available in 350gsm, premium textured papers, recycled options, ultra-thick Triplex and even magnetic material.

Classic : 350gsm silk with gloss, matt and soft-touch lamination. 

Eco : 300gsm Brown Kraft, 350gsm Recycled Uncoated.

The perfect choice for a rustic design, and the environmentally conscious.

  • Magnetic: 300gsm Magnetic paper, add lamination for increased durability and protection. 

  • Textured: 250gsm Rives Shetland, 350gsm Rives Tweed, 350gsm Rives Dot.

  • Ultra-thick : 810gsm Triplex Kraft, 810gsm Triplex Uncoated.

  • Choice of 11 core colours


We recommend adding lamination to protect your design and show it off in the best light time after time. If you require a writeable card, then our Kraft Triplex card is a perfect choice.

Spot UV Business Cards : 85mm x 55mm

Spot UV Business Cards add a burst of vibrance to any design, and this can be a very valuable addition for important information. Use the spot UV for logos, or pertinent information so that it stands out, not just in colour but also in texture.

These are top of the range, customised business cards that require a little more design prep than a classic printed business card.

To create the Spot UV visual effect, an ultraviolet gloss coating is applied to a sturdy 450gsm matt laminated business card. This provides that signature glossy finish to targeted areas on the card. Spot varnish is best suited to large patterned or solid areas as this has a greater impact on the overall design.

Choose from single or double-sided litho printing, with a single or double-sided spot varnish to suit. 



Marketing flyers are the ultimate print essential and can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools in your marketing arsenal.

Full-colour flyers are great for raising awareness and they’re a reliable choice. We use only the highest quality materials and modern printing techniques to ensure that while we create an affordable Flyer, you won’t sacrifice on appearance.

Flyers are avaialble in anything from a pocket-friendly A7 right up to A3 and DL square options too. They’re available in 10 paper stocks, including silk, gloss and uncoated options, from an economic 130gsm right up to a sturdy 450gsm.
For lamination options, choose the 450gsm silk with either gloss, matt or soft-touch lamination to create a flyer with striking clarity on reassuringly thick paper.

Banded quantity options are available where we'll batch them and wrap them with a paper band in 50's, 100's or 250's.

Leaflets come in two options, creased or folded and both have the usual laminate options in gloss or matt.

Folded :
200gsm Silk paper - the perfect option for takeaway menus or alternatively, opt for 300gsm silk paper for a super thick leaflet that easily withstands regular use.

Choose a gloss or matt lamination for your leaflets to prevent solid blocks of ink from cracking, as well as providing added protection against everyday wear and tear, and spills. These long-lasting leaflets come creased and folded ready for use.

Available in sizes A4 and A3

A4 Fold Options :

  • Folded to 105mm x 297mm

  • Folded to 4pp A5

  • Gate Folded to A5

  • Roll Folded to 6pp 1/3 A4

  • Z Folded to 6pp 1/3 A4


A3 Fold Options :

  • Folded to 148.5mm x 420mm

  • Folded to 4pp A4

  • Gate Folded to A4

  • Roll Folded to 6pp 1/3 A3

  • Z Folded to 6pp 1/3 A3


Creased :
Available in sizes A5, A4 & A3, with a choice of 300gsm coated or 350gsm Silk. The 300gsm paper is the best choice for food and drink menus, while our thicker 350gsm option is perfect for information leaflets for the likes of art galleries or high-end brands.

These leaflets are creased and supplied flat, ready for folding when you need them - we find this is really popular for storage once delivered.

A5 Crease Options :

  • 1 Crease to 74mm x 210mm (flat)

  • Creased to A6


A4 Crease Options :

  • 1 Crease to 105mm x 297mm (flat)

  • 1 Crease to 4pp A5 (flat)

  • Gate Creased to A5 (flat)

  • Roll Creased to 6pp 1/3 A4 (flat)

  • Z Creased to 6pp 1/3 A4 (flat)


A3 Fold Options :

  • 1 Crease to 148.5mm x 420mm (flat)

  • 1 Crease to 4pp A4 (flat)

  • Gate Creased to A4 (flat)

  • Roll Creased to 6pp 1/3 A3 (flat)

  • Z Creased to 6pp 1/3 A3 (flat)



Letterhead printing is essential to every business. Using headed paper will reinforce your brand identity while ensuring that all written or printed correspondence is delivered with a professional and established appearance.

You can choose from single or double-sided to suit your design and business requirements.

Our premium compliment slips are perfect for adding a personal touch to samples and corporate gifts. These essential office items can be printed single or double-sided on a choice of paper stocks.
Deluxe compliment slip printing is available on 100gsm or 120gsm Premium Uncoated White Paper.

Choose from single or double-sided printing to suit your branding and design.

Compliment slip size : 210 x 98mm DL.



NCR means “no carbon required”, which means you don’t need a sheet of carbon copy paper between each page. This makes them cleaner and much easier to use, which is perfect for completing on-the-go. Duplicate and triplicate pads are available options, and they can be customised with your logo, company name and contact details in full colour digital print.

Traditional NCR pads are a perfect and reliable choice for creating invoices, order forms and delivery notes.

Each of our NCR Pads comprise of 50 sets of NCR paper, with a choice of 4-part, 3-part or 2-part copies, glued at the top with a cardboard backing. Available in A6, DL, A5 and A4 sizes, with or without black numbering according to your preferences.

Numbering will run sequentially from the first to the last pad. e.g. Pad 1: 1-50, Pad 2: 51-101 and so on.

Please note that NCR pads have a non-printable area of 5mm (15mm for drilling)

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